Contract Manufacturing

We have been manufacturing cosmetics and toiletries since 1999 working with individual therapists through to Blue Chip companies.

Our comprehensive service includes:

Product Design

In order for us to work with you on the design of the product, it is necessary to establish a Product Brief. The product brief will help us understand the type of product you are trying to design and what type of active ingredients you should use. Any price constraints will help us specify the right ingredients to meet your requirements.  The product brief typically comprises of the following:

  • Type of product
  • Function and purpose of the product
  • Desired feel, texture and colour
  • Target market
  • Packaging
  • The project budget
  • The approximate costs per unit


Product Development

This is where the product brief begins to come to fruition.  It is at this stage where we will work closest with you and will involve producing several samples, modifying each for colour, aroma and feel.  Alternative base and active ingredients may need to be tried or the amount of a particular ingredient may need to be changed to get the product just right for your requirements.



All cosmetic products traded in the EU need to comply with the EU Cosmetic Regulation ((EC) No. 1223/2009).  As part of this compliance all cosmetic products need to be appropriately tested. 

  • Stability and compatibility testing we can conduct in-house over a 12 week period
  • Microbial and challenge testing are conducted by independent third party laboratories
  • Cosmetic Product Safety Reports (CPSR) formally known as the Safety Assessments are also conducted by independent safety assessors


In addition the above testing, the Responsible Person (i.e. whose address appears on a product label) for each product must keep available a Product Information File (PIF) for which we can help compile.  We can also coordinate the paperwork required for completing microbial and challenge testing along with liaising with Safety Assessors regarding your products safety report.

We can also advise on labelling and packaging requirements (e.g. ingredient listings, the open jar symbol and period after opening information) or put you in touch with the appropriate authorities/points of reference.



In a single batch we can make:

  • up to 1000kg of cold mix products including shampoos, shower gels, and bath foams
  • up to 500kg of hot mix products including conditioners, creams and lotions

We do not manufacture colour cosmetics such as make-up (e.g. mascaras, lipsticks, eye liners, pressed/loose powders)


We have a comprehensive range of semi-automatic and automatic machines which include filling, capping, tube sealing, labelling and batch coding. This allows us to be versatile in the types of packaging we can handle.


We can arrange to have your finished products sent to your retail locations; wherever they may be. We can pack your products into your desired unit size (e.g. 12, 21, 48 unit per box), and send them to several different locations. This saves you time and hassle having to handle and re-distribute your finished products.